Fancy Find: Dog Emojis!

Because I need more ways to express myself with dogs.

Do you ever find yourself typing a message on your phone and thinking, I really wish I could add a dog here. Is that just me? If you’re a dog lover, I’m sure this thought has crossed your mind more than once. And I think we can all agree that the standard dog face emoji just doesn’t cut it, unless you happen to have a dog who looks just like that. Thanks to the UK rescue organization, Dogs Trust, you can now put some puppy pizazz in every message and for free! 

Emoji dogs


The emoji set which can be added into your phone’s keyboard features 23 of the UK’s more popular dog breeds. And if that’s not fancy enough for you, each of these adorable doggie faces, matches up to a real-life doggie face who is in need of a home. The organization has used the emoji’s to help highlight the dog’s who have been harder to place across their 20 Rehoming Centers in the UK and Ireland. 

So not only are you sending text message you send you are also sending a bigger message about helping dogs in need!  

“Through the Dogs Trust Emoji keyboard, the charity hopes to harness the power of the world’s fastest growing language*** to highlight the sheer variety of breeds that they see at their rehoming centres as well as allowing dog owners and dog lovers from across the globe to share and enjoy their favourite breeds in messages to friends and family,” says Dogs Trust.  

Dog Emojis Emoji Dogs 


You can send dog faces to all of your friends as emoji or as larger stickers. They are super cute and feature dog faces and body profiles. I love the variety and also that it brings awareness to a great cause. So when all friends ask where you got these adorable emoji, be sure to tell them! And also let them know how dogs like these are waiting in shelters around the world.  

Dogs Trust Emoji is available to download for free on Apple iOS and Google Android

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