Fancy Find: Dog Cookie Cutters from Printsicle

National Cookie Day, our Fancy Find and Dog Food Friday all rolled into one!

It’s National Cookie Day!

I personally need no excuse to make or eat cookies, but just in case your resolve is stronger than mine, I present you with this perfectly good reason to break out the baking supplies and get cookie-ing. 

And in case that still isn’t enough, these adorable cookie cutters and cookies designs are the icing on the… well on the cookie!

 Printsicle Cookie Cutters 
Dog Cookie Cutters from Printsicle

Printsicle offers a variety of adorable shapes for your holiday cookies, but one of my favorites (for obvious reasons) is their collection of dog-themed cutters. Choose from a cute doggie, Pug, Dachshund and dog bone available on their Etsy shop for $9-$10 each. You can even order custom cutters which opens up endless possibilities for getting one made of your very own sweet pup!   

Printsicle Pug Cookie Cutter 
Pug Cookie Cutter from Printsicle

The cookies are 3-D printed using a thick plastic that is sturdy and holds up over time. I bake regularly and have had this cutter for well over a year now and I love them just as much, maybe more than the day I got them.

Printsicle Dachshund Cookie Cutter 


They are perfect for National Cookie Day of course, but also make the perfect addition to your holiday sugar cookies (which make awesome gifs for the dog lover’s in your life btw.) They are also perfect cutters to use for you favorite dog treat recipe

Because of the detailed shape of these cutters they are adorable on their own, or naked if you will. But if you want to take them to the next level you can ice them for any occasion! 

Check out these doggies who are clearly filled with holiday cheer.

Christmas Dog Cookies, 
Decorated Dog Sugar Cookies from 

Learn how to make them and get doggone inspired at  

Are you making any dog-themed treats for your holiday celebrations this year? How do you celebrate National Cookie Day?


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