Fancy Find: Chunky Knit Dog Beds and Blankets That Will Make You Swoon

These gorgeous dog beds and blankets are a must for every comfort loving, dog-owning home.

The air is getting chilly and winter is upon us. I’m wrapped in a blanket drinking cocoa, Huggs the Frenchie is nestled in his donut bed. A fire is roaring. We were feeling at the top of our cozy game, until I saw this: 

Ohhio Grand Punto Blanket  
Ohhio Pet Bed. Photo from Ohhio on Etsy. 

Ukrainian designer, Anna Mo, has taken knitting to an entirely new level of cozy with her beautiful designs for dogs and their humans available on her Etsy store, Ohhio. Made with extra thick, “exceptionally soft and luxurious merino wool yarn” your puppy can sleep in a puffy cloud of comfort and style. Why make your dog share your blanket, when he can have his own little bit of handmade heaven? 

Ohhio Grand Punto Dog Bed 

Ohhio Pet Bed. Photo from Ohhio on Etsy

The dog bed comes in 5 sizes ranging from 18″-36″ and come in 23 beautiful colors that will make this perfect fit for any home. The prices range from $100-400 depending on size, so consider this an investment for your dog’s ultimate comfort. A must for any dog living the life of luxury.

And don’t worry humans, there is one for you too. 

Ohhio Grand Punto Blanket  
Ohhio’s Grand Punto Blanket (Etsy, $400). Photo from Ohhio on Etsy

These chunky knit blankets make me believe hibernation is a realistic option for my winter vacation. I imagine being wrapped in one of these luscious blankets is similar to how it feels to be on the inside of a freshly made dumpling: warm and dark, but so delicious you also wish you could simultaneously see what it looks like to be you. Lucky, lucky you.

If the $100-400 price tag is a little steep you can also get in on Ohhio’s Kickstarter campaign. Or you can order the yarn and make your own. 

Wool yarn kit from Ohhio 
Ohhio’s Blanket Needles and Yarn. Photo from Ohhio on Etsy 

Everyone deserves a little bit of warmth and luxury this holiday season, check out all of Mo’s designs on Etsy. 

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