Furry Find: A Game Console For Your Dog

CleverPet is very much like Simon for your dog.

CleverPet is a game for your dogs that uses touchpads, sounds and lights. Photo Courtesy of CleverPet

Gaming consoles abound and there are so many different video games available that anyone would be hard-pressed to find something they don’t like… unless you’re a dog. Dogs can’t play the latest Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. However, they can play CleverPet. And unlike the video games for humans, this game for dogs rewards them with real treats.

CleverPet keeps a bored dog entertained while you’re away from home. When your dog presses a button, he gets a treat. The more he plays with it, the harder the game becomes — just like that Simon game we all had as kids. CleverPet’s Kickstarter page calls it “Luminosity for dogs.” The goal may be to choose the blue button or the button on the right. Each time your dog responds correctly, he gets a treat.

Sounds pretty cool to us. What dog wouldn’t want his very own video game? CleverPet cost $299, but is available for preorder through January 10 for $269 – about the same price as other gaming consoles. To purchase it or to find out more about it, visit the CleverPet website.

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