Famous Cats Campaign to Save Tigers

Famous Internet cats join forces to raise awareness and help save wild tigers from extinction.

A hundred years ago there were 100,000 tigers roaming the wild worldwide. Currently, there are 3,000. Wild tigers lost their natural habitats because of mankind – we needed the area for coal mining, palm oil trade and various other activities.

Numerous organizations are doing whatever they can to right that initial wrong and save these large cats from extinction. Greenpeace is one of those organizations.

The .non-governmental environmental organization is teaming with Mr. President, an advertising agency based out of London, England, that created a campaign called Cats Save Tigers. The campaign, which launched July 29th on International Tiger Day, features Internet cat sensations Venus the Two-Faced Cat, Pudge, Lil Bub, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Captain Pancakes and Princess Monster Truck. These cats go to the zoo to visit tigers and even dress up in tiger costumes (too cute!).

The goal of the campaign “is to raise awareness of the issue, the heartbreaking facts and the destiny that awaits the remaining tigers in the world if people don’t open their eyes and support organizations like Greenpeace’s work on the ground,” Mr. President Creative Director Thea Hamrén said, according to FastCoCreate.com.

Usually taking on a serious tone, Greenpeace rallied behind this campaign in an effort to broaden their audience and bring awareness to a younger crowd. Using Internet cat sensations is a great way to do that.

“The organization is middle-aged now, but that doesn’t mean our campaigns have to be,” Tracy Frauzel, Mobilization Strategy Director for Greenpeace, told FastCoCreate.com. “[A]nd reaching new audiences means more experimentation, taking more risks, maybe doing something that will be a little cringe-worthy or seem a bit ‘fluffy’ for some of our more seasoned and serious campaigners.”

Do you love cats and want to help raise awareness about our world’s tigers? You can create a Cats Save Tigers meme (or several) of your own pet cat and upload it to Instagram using hashtag #CatsSaveTigers or share it on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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