Famous Cat Beats Lymphoma. See What To Watch For In Your Cat.

Nala cat's brother Coffee is overcoming lymphoma, and their person wants to get the word out about early illness detection.

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Fans rallied around Coffee when he was ill, and their love and support buoyed his owner's spirit. Via White Coffee Cat/Instagram
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Nala the cat is the most famous Instagram cat around, which is saying a lot. Her brother, Coffee, also has a high number of followers — 1.2 million (not to brag) — and when Coffee came down with a serious illness, a lot of people took notice.

Now Coffee is cancer-free and his owner Varisiri Mathachittiphan wants other cat people to know the signs of sickness to watch out for, People reports. By pointing out some indicators, cat owners everywhere might be better equipped to detect illness in their cats.

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Mathachittiphan felt hard masses on the big-blue-eyed white cat and realized they were his kidneys. A diagnosis of lymphoma soon followed.

“They very next morning, I took him to the vet,” Mathachittiphan told People. Doctors detected a mass between Coffee’s kidneys, and the kidneys had grown three times the size they normally were. Had anyone investigated this even a week later, Coffee might have experienced kidney failure.

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“He started to become lethargic,” Mathachittiphan recounted to People of Coffee’s actions merely two days later. “He would just lie down on the cold tile. He wasn’t playful, and he didn’t have an appetite. He was always so thirsty.”

With treatment, however, Coffee’s condition turned around. Now Coffee is in remission and Mathachittiphan wants other cat owners to know how to detect illness in their pets early, so they will have the same positive outcome as Coffee.

She told People what to look for in cats, starting with a quick test.

“When you pet them, make sure to also be examining them – touch them everywhere often. You shouldn’t feel lumps.”

Look for increased thirst, Mathachittiphan encourages, noting that “Drinking a lot of water is also a red flag.”

Finally, other cats in the house might tip you off to a condition growing in your cat. “[Our other cats] would walk up to him and smell him and run away.”

Mathachittiphan extended her gratitude to the people who offered their support.

“We want to thank everyone who gave us the strength to be more positive about the situation,” she told People. “I think he could feel the love we got from everyone around the world.”

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