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Family Recreates Their Favorite Picture With Dog Just Before He Has To Be Put Down

The dog was a puppy in the first picture, 16 years old in the second.

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This was their favorite picture with the dog. Via Imgur

Even on the first, joyous day that you welcome your new dog into your home, there’s always that bittersweet realization that you’ll have to say good-bye to him someday. Whether it’s five years away, or 15 years away, someday eventually arrives, ready to break your heart, upend your life and force you to say good-bye.

Just before a Reddit user named weezabeeb had to put her 16-year-old dog down, she and (presumably) her family gathered to recreate their favorite picture with him.

“We had to put my dog of 16 years down yesterday, but before we did we recreated our favourite photo with him,” weezabeeb wrote.

The group recreated that picture just before the end of the dog's life. Via Imgur

The group recreated that picture just before the end of the dog’s life. Via Imgur

Maybe at first they had to force themselves to smile and to pose with him, knowing what would happen shortly after the shutter clicked, but it undoubtedly made them remember what it was like when they took the original pic — and all of the memories they had shared with him between then and now. That could be why others have done the same thing, spending the last days with their pets recreating that very first picture and creating visual bookends of their time together.

Everything that happens between those two pictures — all of the joy and friendship and life that you’ve shared with your pet — that’s what makes it worth it. There isn’t a frame in the world big enough to hold that, so we carry it in our hearts instead.

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