Family Cat Survives House Fire

Ozzy the cat reappears 14 days after devastating fire.

A Maryland cat recently made his family’s day when he reappeared after a devastating house fire.

Lila Jaber is a single mother living with her 11-year-old son, her 23-year-old daughter and her daughter’s three young children in Germantown, Md. Her family’s two-story home was completely destroyed recently in an accidental fire. The family dog was killed in the fire and in the aftermath, the family cat, Ozzy, was missing.

Fourteen days after the fire, Bobby Burch, an associate with Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling in Gaithersburg and Frederick, Md., visited the property and was surprised to see the family cat, Ozzy, come running down the stairs.

“I am amazed that Ozzy survived for 14 days in the freezing cold and in a fire-charred house,” said Tom Plant, owner of Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling.

According to Burch, he found a cat carrier and placed Ozzy in his truck and provided him with food and water.  Burch called Lila Jaber at work and told her that he had an early Christmas gift for her, her children and grandchildren. Jaber immediately left work and came to the job site. 

“When Lila saw her pet cat, she broke down in tears,” said Burch.”There are no words to describe the emotions that were going on at this time,” he said.

Burch and the company will rebuild the home for the Jabers and expect to finish the job in spring 2010.

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