Facebook Reunites Bird & Owner

Thanks to a photo posted on social media, a macaw is now back home.

When employees went to work at the Bob King Pre-Owned Center in Wilmington, North Carolina, the last thing they expected to see was a scarlet macaw. But there the bird was, sitting in a tree.

Diane Parker received a phone call from her husband, the owner of the used car dealership, telling her that a bird was sitting in a tree. Employees observed the macaw fly across the parking lot, but then come right back to the tree, WECT reports. Parker told her husband to snap a picture of the bird so that she could post it on Facebook. As it so happens, an ad on Craigslist revealed the macaw had been missing for a couple of days.

“A friend of mine reposted my Facebook post,?Parker told WECT. “Her friend had seen the ad on Craigslist and notified the owner. They were so ecstatic, they cried. The fact that we posted it, somebody noticed, and he came and got the bird within 45 minutes, shows the power of Facebook.?lt;/span>

Though people tried to get the bird down from the tree all day, it didn? move until Jeffrey McDow, the bird? owner, arrived.

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