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Facebook can be a great place for ferret lovers to learn moreDo you know the signs of stress in ferrets and how to alleviate it?

When I had my Zero we were joined at the hip. He wouldn’t let me out of his sight. He even went on vacations with me. On the occasions I did have to leave him with a family member, he’d start to panic and try to get out of the cage frantically so I’d not leave him. I’d come home to find him thin as a rail because he’d stop eating. He’d paw at his mouth and yelp. He had the dreaded green poo. I had to keep A/D in the house all the time and hand-feed him and basically walk around with him in my arms and sleep next to him for weeks until he was well again. A/D, amoxidrops and Pedialyte have been my lifesavers. [Ferrets are] so tiny that it doesn’t take much to throw them off track — new ferrets in the house, new home, other pets, health issues and, like my Zero, separation will all cause the stress. If yours is acting way different than normal and not eating or has poo changes, [your] best bet is to see the vet to rule out disease or illness. Antibiotics may be needed or just a little TLC:)
— Sherri Stewart 

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