Face To Face With A Guinea Pig Gourmand

This video shares a close-up view of a guinea pig eating parsley, and you have to wonder what the guinea pig is thinking.

Meet Mogwai the guinea pig. He’s a young, albino, Peruvian breed of guinea pig, and his owner writes that “Moggy” loves to eat. Moggy does eat parsley in this video, but the way he does it has me wondering: Is he feeling camera shy or is he a parsley connoisseur? 

When a piece of parsley is first offered, Moggy is sooo tentative. Either he’s not sure that it’s food or he’s not sure it measures up to his standards for parsley or, perhaps, he truly takes time to enjoy every morsel of this green goodness. The aroma, the texture, the taste — it’s a complicated thing to let the taste buds deliver the full effect of a food. 

Of course, as things progress Moggy shows much more enthusiasm for the tasty treat. By the end of the video he’s chowing down, and he even wins a little tug-of-war for the last piece.

Besides witnessing a gastronomic event, the video also gives us a chance to marvel at the long hair of the Peruvian breed. Moggy is definitely having a “good hair day”! 

Moggy is an inspiration for everyone striving to eat more vegetables!

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