Face Swapping With Pets: A Whole Other Level Of Weird

Swapping faces with friends is so 2015, but swapping with your favorite furry friend is so now.

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So this is a thing now. Via rylecoyote/Instagram
John Virata

The latest trend to hit the social media sphere is face swapping. What's face swapping, you ask? Basically, you and a friend take a photo or video together and then use a face swapping app to replace your face with your friend's face and vice versa. There's the Face Swap Live and Face Swap Booth apps, to name a few, and Snapchat also has a face swapping filter. And as if swapping your face with another human wasn't a strange enough concept, now things have taken a turn into full-blown weird with people swapping faces with their pets.


Some of these face swaps are downright hilarious, while others are super creepy. Here are several of our favorite human-animal hybrids we found lurking around on Instagram. Did yours make the cut?

1. The Cautionary Tale

Don't do it! I tell you, don't!

2. Polyjuice Potion Problems

my polyjuice potion went a little astray #freddiebettyjingles #faceswap #cathangz

A photo posted by Katieee (@katieandher69titties) on

It almost worked.

3. Fido Face Swap

I am dog. Dog is me. We are we. A photo posted by @miresgaldes on

That's one way to bond with your dog.

4. Father And Son

Like father like son #faceswap #dogsofinstagram #tacotuesday #selfie

A photo posted by @rickoneimposter on

"Can we go to the park, Dad?"

5. Egyptian Cat Goddess

This is creepy but I still love it!!! ???????? #faceswap #catsofinstagram #LA A photo posted by Kat Mae (@katmaephoto) on

Is it just us, or does KatMae make a fierce Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess?

6. Catwoman And Sidekick Fu Woman-chu

They make a powerful duo.

7. Forced Face Swapping

Hobbes isn't lovin' it.

8. The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Me and cookie face swapped, it is the stuff of nightmares #snapchat #faceswap #horrific

A photo posted by @archie_jacob24 on


You know that nightmare where you wake up as a cat…

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