Fabulous Feline Furniture

Get the lowdown on what goes into making your cat's favorite hangout.




A typical cat’s thought for the day: “Besides good food and a clean litterbox, all I need is a place to sleep, a place to scratch and a place to play.” Sure, these needs can be met using human furniture – except for the scratching part – but it’s so much nicer when cats can satisfy those desires with their own piece of furniture. Some people don’t give a lot of thought to their cat furniture – or lack of it. Other people take cat furniture very seriously, including those who create it. Let’s find out what goes into making fabulous feline furniture.

Start From Scratch
The introduction of cat litter in the late 1940s presented cats with the opportunity to live exclusively indoors. Those cat owners wanting to give their indoor cats a taste of the outdoors and a place to scratch other than their furniture, created the first cat trees. They used natural logs, tree limbs, wood scraps and rope to build structures for their cats to play, climb and lounge on. Today’s cat furniture manufacturers utilize those same materials and motives. “I focus on incorporating cat activity into my designs,” says Andy Luebke, president of Wiser Pet Products and inventor of the Cat Power Tower, a multi-function cat tree that received CAT FANCY’s Editors’ Choice award as one of the best new products of 2011 (December issue). His creation accounts for the proper head room a cat needs to sit or stand comfortably while positioning each landing at an appropriate jumping height. High perches and a peek-a-boo play platform satisfy a cat’s natural desire to hunt and survey his domain.

**Get the March 2012 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article or click here to purchase a PDF version.**

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