Extra Dog Treats Could Cause Holiday Weight Gain

Additional dog treats around the holidays means humans aren’t the only ones who should watch what they eat.

Many people are concerned with keeping extra pounds at bay during the holiday season, but pet owners should monitor extra goodies for their dogs as well to avoid pet weight gain.

“Our pampered pets have become real couch potatoes who receive little exercise and are being fed foods that often lack true nutritional value,’ said Julie Washburn, spokesperson for Petland Inc.

With extra baking taking place in kitchens throughout the country, pet owners should avoid sudden diet changes for their dogs, which can lead to an upset stomach and diarrhea. Greasy and fatty leftovers can overwhelm a pet’s pancreas, leading to more serious health problems as dogs’ digestive systems are not receptive to these foods, according to Petland officials.

In addition, pet owners should try to keep their dogs out of the kitchen while cooking and eating in an effort to reduce begging, Petland officials said.

Many pet owners show love to their dogs by feeding them treats. Instead, Petland officials recommend spending time with pets enjoying other activities, such as petting, grooming, and playing with them. And playing has the added benefit of exercise – another way to keep extra pounds away through the holidays.

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