Expanding Glues Prove Dangerous for Dogs

The accidental ingestion of a common household glue by one dog prompts a warning.

A 7-month-old female Labrador Retriever named Sydney prompted one veterinary hospital to issue a reminder to pet owners of dangers that may lurk within their homes.

Sydney began vomiting and was taken to her veterinarian where X-rays showed a large amount of foreign material in her stomach. She had ingested Gorilla Glue – a common household, heavy-duty polyurethane glue. It’s also a glue that has an odor and taste that appeals to dogs, according to the Massachusetts Veterinary Hospital.

Once the glue comes in contact with moisture, it expands to several times its original volume. Therefore when it enters a dog’s stomach, it can cause intestinal blockage, hospital officials said. And although removal of the hardened glue typically requires surgery, the recovery prognosis is good, they added.

Sydney has returned home where she is recovering from her ordeal, the hospital reported.

Gorilla Glue manufacturer warnings state the product must be kept out of reach of children and animals and that it’s harmful or fatal if swallowed.

The danger is not limited to Gorilla Glue, but includes all polyurethane glues. Any expanding adhesive product should be considered a potential hazard and kept where pets can’t get to it, according to the ASPCA Poison Control Center.

Veterinary hospital officials report they receive several cases just like Sydney’s each year. If pet owners suspect their dogs have ingested any polyurethane glue, they should contact a veterinarian immediately.

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