Exercise Needs For a Brussels Griffon

Even small dog breeds like the Brussels Griffon need adequate exercise to stay healthy.

Although this dog breed is small, the Brussels Griffon is definitely not one of the more delicate toy dog breeds. The Brussels Griffon should be heavy for its size, indicating that there should be plenty of bone and muscle, albeit in a small package. The Griffon is a hardy and compact dog.

Brussels Griffons, although small, are an active dog breed that thoroughly enjoys exercise. Adult Griffons will usually be more than happy to be taken for walks and will also enjoy free run, though Griffon owners should be careful that the areas in which their dogs exercise are thoroughly safe. Though Brussels Griffons tend to like other dogs, they seem to have no idea that their own size is somewhat diminutive. Although not aggressive, Brussels Griffons will stand their ground, so be sensible when meeting dogs whose temperaments are unknown.

Brussels Griffons living in homes with yards will exercise themselves quite happily on their own grounds, especially if more than one dog is kept in the family. Just keep in mind that Griffons are frequently good diggers!

Just like any other dog breed, give your Brussels Griffon opportunity to build muscle tone to keep him in healthy bodily condition. So make sure he gets plenty of exercise. This important part of dog care should never be overlooked, even in a dog breed as small as the Brussels Griffon.

Summer Caution
Certain dogs encounter more difficulties in the heat and humidity than others; these include young puppies, senior dogs, obese dogs and dogs with short faces (such as your Brussels Griffon). If your Brussels Griffon is in poor physical condition, the heat will take more of a toll on him. Dogs that spend most of their time in the cool climate of air-conditioned homes will be less accustomed to heat and have more problems adjusting to exercise outside.

Excerpt from Brussels Griffon, part of the Comprehensive Owner’s Guide series, with permission from its publisher, Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Brussels Griffon here.

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