9 Examples Of Pet Dads Who Win At Parenting

Here's what makes a No. 1 Pet Dad.

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Dads are the best. Via roaldi/Reddit
Anastasia Thrift

Father’s Day is here and we want to recognize the significant contribution dads have made. No, not dad jokes. We’re talking about the dad stuff that matters: taking care of pets.

Take a look at some examples of pet dads winning at parenting, filling the important role dog dads, cat dads and pet dads of every animal take.

1. Pillow Provider

There when scary nightmares occur, too.

2. Playmate

“Again! Again!”

3. Boundary-Tester

Who else but Dad will let you test your strength (and other people’s patience)?

4. Shoulder To Lean On

During good times and bad, you’ll always have Dad.

5. Beauty-Shop-Practice Model

When you want to play “beauty parlor,” Dad’s there for you.

6. Main-Hug-Recipient

Dad earns every hug.

7. Chef

He wants you to have only the best.

7. Playground-Monitor

Slide too high? No problem. Dad will get you down from there.

8. Couch-Cuddler

Dad will sit through hours of Animal Planet if it makes his little pupper.

9. Kiss-Target

Let’s all remember how much we love dads, especially those dads whose kids are pets.

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