Everything You Need to Know to Care for Your New Kitten

The CatChannel guide on how to acquire and care for a new kitten.

KittenA – Acquiring a new kitten
There are many ways to acquire your new kitten. For immediate gratification, you can adopt a pet from a local shelter or adoption clinic, or you can easily purchase a kitten from a pet store. Breeders offer purebred kittens with details on the cat’s adult traits, behavior and background. Word-of-mouth is another way to acquire a new pet, whether through a veterinary office, the local newspaper or friends. Finally, feral or stray kittens can become good pets with time and patience.

B – Behavior
Your cat’s behavior is pre-determined from genetics and molded by you. Training begins the moment you bring your kitten home. There are numerous books and magazines that offer training tips. Also check with your veterinarian for advice.

C – Consistency
Cats thrive on routine. For a smooth transition, try to consistently feed, groom and play with your kitten around the same times each day. In time, your kitten will begin reminding you if you’re running late with an activity.

D – Diet
A proper diet is essential for your kitten’s growth and health. Ask your veterinarian to help you select the best nutrition for your kitten’s needs. You can choose from a plethora of specially formulated diets.

E – Exercise
Keep your kitten fit and help expend some of its youthful energy through exercise. Schedule regular 10 to 15 minute play sessions throughout the day. This strengthens your bond and gives your kitten a healthy outlet for madcap behavior.

F – Fight against fleas
Use a flea comb on your kitten weekly to check for fleas and flea dirt. Treat both your kitten and its environment to eliminate infestation and guard against future problems. Your veterinarian can suggest over-the-counter or prescription products that are safe for your kitten and your household. Read packages completely and only use as directed.

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