Everyone’s All-American

The American Shorthair's good looks and personality attract plenty of attention.

You’ve seen them on television and in the movies. The distinctive black tabby markings set against the luxurious silver fur immediately grab your attention — and the “cat next door” good looks keep it. “Hmmm,” you may think, “I used to have a cat that looked like that.”

Make no mistake, however; the American Shorthair — featured in cat food ads and motion picture scenes — is not your average tabby cat. “Whatever color and pattern the cat appears in, it will be easily identified as something more special than the typical domestic cat,” says Virginia Wight, a breeder from Macon, Ga.

What makes the American Shorthair stand out? Breeders cite the cat’s well-proportioned, muscular body, its oblong head with full cheeks and the large, almond-shaped eyes that lend the breed a sweet expression. And then there’s that striking coat. “They have beautiful patterns,” says Linda Bartley, secretary of the National American Shorthair Club and a breeder from Altoona, Pa.

Wight agrees, describing the American Shorthair’s striking patterns and rainbow of colors as “difficult to resist.”

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