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Every Dog from Disney Animated Classics Compiled into One Chart

Goofy and Pluto: Both dogs, but only Goofy can talk?

Goofy and Pluto: Both dogs, but only Goofy can talk?

Let’s face it. When we are watching a Disney movie, and there is a dog in it, our favorite character was chosen from the start. Disney dogs have something simply irresistible about them and they always tend to steal the show. Sometimes, the dog is the star of the movie, other times, they have secondary roles. But one thing stays, true, after their time on screen, they are remembered forever.

In order to honor these beloved pups, Oh My Disney put together a comprehensive list of all 53 dogs that can be found in Walt Disney Animation’s 54 animated classics.  Find your favorite Disney dog below!

Dogs of Disney Chart 

I’d like to point out that they are missing one of my favorites, Winston, from Disney’s “Feast,” but to be fair he is from a Disney short.  

Who is your favorite Disney Dog?

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