EverCleanAqua EverClean Filter Review

The EverCleanAqua EverClean Filter is an undergravel filter for marine aquariums.

The EverClean Filter is a new filter designed for marine aquariums. It combines a much-improved undergravel filter with pumps for water movement and an external filter.

EverClean Filter

The Claims
EverCleanAqua claims that its EverClean Filter is different from typical undergravel filters, in that it does not allow for any buildup of detritus either in the substrate or under the filter plate since water is pumped in and drawn out of that space. Using the EverClean Filter will result in a clean aquarium that is biologically balanced.

The Test
I installed the EverClean Filter on a new 50-gallon marine aquarium. In addition to marine substrate, I added live rock, and ran a protein skimmer and LED lighting. Over a six- to eight-week period, I added 20 corals and six marine fish to the aquarium.
The Results
Some aquarists think that undergravel filters are outdated, but there is nothing outdated about the EverClean Filter. The filter plate itself is thick and has a mesh network to provide for a lot of surface area for bacteria to colonize. The filter has a small powerhead on one side that draws in water from the aquarium and a large powerhead on the other side that pumps aquarium water up into a small mechanical filter box. The water flows back into the aquarium from the external filter box, and the filter sets up a fairly nice pattern of water movement.

The external filter box has filter pads and can also hold any chemical filtration desired. If you do not want to trap anything in the water flow for your aquarium, you can simply remove everything from the external filter box.

The aquarium has been up and running for four months now, and the results have been rather amazing. There was never the usual parade of nuisance algae that I have always had with my marine aquariums. There were brown diatoms for a week or so, and that was it. Purple coralline algae is growing well, and there is a fine hint of green algae on some of the live rock. There has never been any ammonia or nitrite, and nitrates have peaked at around 25 parts per million.
I was skeptical about the EverClean Filter, but this is the best, easiest, most problem-free marine aquarium I have ever had — and I am sure the EverClean Filter is the reason why. I encourage hobbyists to try it.

EverClean Filter


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