Eva Mendes Talks Dogs

The actress says her Belgian Malinois is the "biggest baby you’ll ever meet.”

Eva Mendes isn’t used to members of the opposite sex running from her … unless it’s Hugo, her dog.

“Things that go through the bushes quickly, he loses it,” Mendes told USA Today. “You can be in a deep cuddle situation with him, and he hears something rattling in the bushes, and he’s out the door.”

Mendes’s latest film is “The Spirit,” an adaptation of Will Eisner’s popular 1940s graphic novels about a cartoon crime fighter. Mendes plays San Serif, a sexy jewel thief, in the film.

“It’s really cool and exotic,” Mendes said. “I love this character, and when else am I going to play someone who’s married 14 times and killed all of her husbands, although some were accidents, and who’s a jewel thief. And with that name.”

Mendes says she plans to spend more time with Hugo, a Belgian Malinois, when she’s done promoting the film. “He’s an attack dog, but he’s the biggest baby you’ll ever meet,” she says.

“The Spirit” is in theaters now.

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