European Burmese Cats

European Burmese CAT STATS

Color:Brown, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, cream, brown-tortie, chocolate-tortie, blue-tortie and lilac-tortie
Coat:Short, fine, close-lying, glossy and satin-like
Grooming:Occasional brushing, bathing if necessary
Best Home:Ideally, European Burmese like to live with other animals. However, they can also live happily as the only pet in the house.
National Breed Club:European Burmese Breed Council
Personality:Highly intelligent, affectionate and people-oriented
Appearance:Elegant cat of moderate type with gently rounded contours

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European Burmese CAT PROFILE

The European Burmese’s history is quite similar to that of the Burmese known and loved in the United States. When the Burmese moved to the United States, the breeders in Europe took the breed in a different direction, resulting in two distinct breeds today. The European Burmese comes in 10 different colors. It is medium in size with expressive eyes. European Burmese cats are intelligent, affectionate and loyal, and love to live with other animals..

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