Europe Places Atlantic Puffins On Endangered Species List

The climate change may be part of the cause of the seabird? decline.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature? Red List of Threatened Species added the European puffins to the endangered species list. It seems that Atlantic-area puffins, at least in certain parts of Europe, are declining. The key reason is climate change, CBC News reports.

According to Environment Canada research scientist Greg Robertson, the waters have warmed in those parts of Europe and when it comes to seabirds such as the puffin, “when you have pulses of warm water coming up, in general, bad things seem to happen.?For a seabird whose diet consists of coldwater fish such as the sand eel, warmer waters means the food source seeks out the environment it needs and the seabird cannot find it. In addition, according to CBC News, overfishing of sand eels by humans might also be contributing to the puffins?lack of food source.

Iceland and Norway “are home to 80 percent of Europe? puffin populations,?CBC News states, and this is where the largest decline of the species is seen, leading to the placement on the endangered species list.

Areas of North America are also seeing a decline of puffins, also due to the climate change. 

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