Former Cab Driver Moves To Morocco, Adopts 150 Dogs

Karl Scarr and his wife live surrounded by their rescue animals in Tangiers.

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Karl Scarr lives with 150 dogs at his Moroccan animal sanctuary.

Morocco is not a great place to live, if you’re a dog. The North African country has the world’s second worst rating for animal welfare, according to World Animal Protection. But one former cab driver is doing his part to create and maintain a safe space for the dogs of Tangier, caring for and protecting 150 of them in his own home.

Karl Scarr, who moved to Morocco from England, built a 429-square-foot doghouse on his property and, not only did he welcome more than 100 homeless animals into the shelter, he and his wife, Sally, moved in with them. According to The Mirror, Scarr could soon claim the Guinness World Record for living with the most dogs. That kind of notoriety isn’t what prompted him to rescue the dogs, though; he was simply shocked by the way animals were treated in Morocco and decided that he would do something about it.

“There’s no better feeling than the love and affection that the dogs smother me with every day,” he told the Mirror. “They truly seem grateful that they have this second chance of life.”

Karl runs the sanctuary with his wife, Sally. Via Abdarrahman Eatwell/YouTube

Karl runs the sanctuary with his wife, Sally. Via Abdarrahman Eatwell/YouTube

In addition to Scarr’s beloved dogs, his shelter and charity — formally known as Le Sanctuaire de la Faune de Tanger — also houses more than 300 other animals (including cats, donkeys, an owl and at least one wild boar) in 12 separate houses. He has also written guidelines for vaccinations, spaying and neutering and adoption that have been used as educational materials by other animal welfare groups in Morocco.

“I literally have no space or time to myself, and life in a kennel isn’t easy,” said Scarr, who’s also a zoologist. “But it’s a sacrifice that I willingly make to protect these wonderful animals, most of which have either been abused, starved, abandoned, or simply left for dead.”

Is there a Guinness Record for kindest human? Biggest heart? Most selfless animal love? Because Scarr seems to have those records in the bag, too.

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