Englishman Crafts Flotation Device For His Pet Goldfish

Leighton Naylor's fantail goldfish needed assistance after it developed swim bladder disease.

How far would you go to help a handicapped goldfish to swim? Would you go as far as an Englishman who created a personal flotation device to help his beloved Einstein to swim? According to  South West News Service in the UK, Leighton Naylor, a warehouse worker from the town of Blackpool in England crafted a flotation device for what appears to be a fantail or pearlscale goldfish that he’s had for several years.

The goldfish was having a hard time trying to swim, possibly due to a swim bladder disorder, and could not keep himself upright. So Naylor took some aquarium aeration tubing and essentially crafted a life jacket of sorts that helps Einstein move about the fish tank. The tubing wraps under Einstein’s belly but has enough room for Einstein to swim about, without impeding his fins.  So far, the device is working swimmingly as Einstein can more easily get to his food and swim about the fish tank.

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