Encouraging Breeding In Sun Conures

Decrease human interaction and increase the cage size to encourage breeding.

Q: I have a pair of sun conures that are 3 years old. They have been mating, so I recently added a nest box to the side of their cage. The only time they are in their cage is to sleep. The cage door is always open, and they either hang out on top of the cage or on their adjoining playstand. They have shown little interest in the box. Will instinct kick in when are ready to breed or if there is a way to entice them into using it?

Kashmir CsakyMargrethe Warden explains:

One of the best ways to encourage your sun conures to breed is to house them together in a cage large enough to accommodate the two of them and to keep the human interference and interaction to a minimum. When allowed to spend time playing on the outside of the cage or on a playstand, the conures can be easily distracted. The environment is not conducive to breeding, even with a nest box available.

Instead, they should be allowed to focus on each other. That can give them the opportunity to develop a strong bond to each other. The bond will hopefully result in successful breeding. Unfortunately, one of the risks involved with setting up companion birds to breed is that, as they become more bonded to each other, you might lose the bond they have with you.

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