Encourage Sugar Gliders To Glide

Make sure to bond with a sugar glider before encouraging it to glide to you.

In the wild, sugar gliders leap from tree branch to tree branch. When the distance is too far to jump, they leap into the air, unfold their patagium (the gliding membrane) and sail, sometimes as much as several hundred feet.

Where To Begin
Once a sugar glider has completely bonded to you and is comfortable with its surroundings, encourage the sugar glider to glide to you. Start in a glider-proofed room. Make sure windows and doors are shut. If you are in a bathroom, make sure the toilet bowl lid is closed. No other animals should be in the room.

Place your glider in a location higher than your shoulder where the sugar glider will have difficulty getting down by any other way besides gliding. Stand close to the sugar glider with a small treat in the palm of your hand so it must step off the ledge onto your hand to collect the reward. (If the glider won’t come to you, stand closer and let him smell the treat, then step back a step.) Once the glider starts gliding to you from close by, gradually increase your distance. Your glider should learn to leap to you for the reward.

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