Emma Roberts on Her Role in ‘Hotel for Dogs’

Julia’s niece talks about fame, the family business, and her new dog movie.

Emma Roberts says her famous aunt, Julia Roberts, and her dad, actor Eric Roberts, always knew the “Hotel for Dogs” star would be an actress.

“I think everyone was just kind of anticipating it,” Roberts told MTV. “We don’t really talk about that aspect of work. I don’t see them often, so we just catch up on personal lives.”

In the kid-friendly comedy “Hotel for Dogs,” in theaters next month, 17-year-old Roberts plays an orphan who goes with her brother to live with a persnickety aunt. The kids, who have to keep their pet dog Friday a secret, start to rescue stray dogs and house them in an abandoned home next door.

“It was a fun character to play,” she said. “I have a little sister, so I can relate to being protective over a younger sibling. It was great to show my sisterly instincts.”

Don Cheadle plays the kids’ social worker, a role he reportedly took because his children are big fans of the young actress. “Don is such a nice guy. I absolutely adore him,” Roberts said. “It’s so nice to hear when anyone’s a fan. That’s really sweet [that his kids feel that way].”

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