Emergency Preparation Extends to Dogs and Puppies

Authors give advice on what to ask yourself when planning for future disasters.

Even during the holiday season, disaster can strike. Fires, floods and other calamities never take time off – they can occur at any time.

But for dog and puppy owners, being prepared could possibly mean saving the life of your pets. Allen and Linda Anderson, authors of the book “RESCUED: Saving Pets From Disaster,” offer a list of questions that dog and puppy owners should ask themselves to be prepared for a catastrophe.

  1. Are you prepared to get out of your home fast by having dog carriers, leashes, medications, and a pet emergency kit within easy reach? Are you ready for human and animal family members to survive up to 72 hours before rescuers can arrive if there is a disaster?
  2. Do you have your dog microchipped and able to be identified even if her collar comes off? Is microchip and veterinary information for your dog in a waterproof container? Have you updated microchip registration if you moved or changed telephone numbers?
  3. Have you stored recent photos of your dog or puppy and a description of distinguishing features in your car or outside your house?
  4. Do you have a list of safe places and pet-friendly hotels to evacuate with your dog? Is the list in the glove compartment of your car or with your pet emergency kit?
  5. Have you made arrangements for fast pet evacuation if you are away from your home and unable to do it yourself? Do your neighbors know you have pets and where they stay when you aren’t home?
  6. Is your local fire department trained by a veterinarian for giving emergency medical treatment to animals and evacuating pets from your home in a fire? Do you have a recently dated ASPCA pet rescue alert sticker posted on the entry of your home?
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