Emergency Aquarium Filtration Device Introduced

Unit runs on battery power in the event of a power failure.

At the 2013 Marine Aquarium Expo in Costa Mesa. Calif., Health-Tech Sales introduced a patent pending device that enables you to keep filtration running in your aquarium in the event of a catastrophic power outage. The device, called the RALF, an acronym for Restoration Aquatic Life Filtration, is a battery powered, multi-stage filtration system that aquarists can use during extended periods of power loss caused by events such as natural disasters, rolling blackouts, and other situations when power is lost.

“RALF is a 12VDC Powered Multi-Stage Aquarium Filter, which means that it can be powered by a battery, solar power, car, or other source of DC voltage. It requires very little power and therefore can operate for long periods of time in the event of an AC power failure,” inventor Marc Rosenkranz said in a press release put out during the show. “Using a standard sealed lead acid battery (similar to those used as backup in home alarm systems or UPS), RALF can provide multi-stage filtration, aeration, and water circulation for up to 8 days on one battery.”

The device is fully configurable with accessories and can be used in a sump or mounted to the tank with our without an aquarium cover. In addition, RALF can be turned into a vacuum that uses the device’s pump head, enabling you to clean your tank’s substrate. Pricing for the RALF starts at $179. Units are available with 15, 30, and 70 hours of filtration time. For more information, visit www.batteryaquariumfilter.com

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