Embrace Your Ferret’s Personality Type

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of different characters to better enjoy life with your ferret.

What's your ferret's personality type?One reason people love ferrets is their unique personalities. Every ferret has its own endearing quirks. But when you’ve lived with many, you see some specific characters emerge — and some of them can cause problems. 

Major Personality Types
Love Bug Ferrets: These gentle souls live to please you. Love Bug Ferrets love people and are happy to cuddle, kiss and follow you around. Bugs are timid around other ferrets and are often the victim of more aggressive types. 

Wired Weasel Ferrets: Most babies are Wired; some ferrets remain so for life. Hyperactive and super-inquisitive, Wired Ferrets are everywhere and into everything. They don’t know the meaning of the word “caution.”

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