Watch This Cat Slowly But Surely Destroy A Cardboard Box

Elliot the cat has one mission: to rip this cardboard box to shreds. Three months later, he finally gets the job done.

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"Day by day, piece by piece, this cardboard shall be destroyed."
Chrissa Hardy

This is Elliot. He likes cardboard boxes. Well, he likes to destroy them, piece by piece.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by taoufix, Elliot is given a cardboard box to play with, and proceeds to rip the box to shreds over the span of roughly three months.

"It's me vs. you, box. And I know who will emerge as the victor." Via YouTube

“It’s me vs. you, box. And I know who will emerge as the victor.” Via taoufix /YouTube

Elliot’s progress is documented throughout the video, with short clips taken each day during the three-month period. The box seems to stay in the same place while Elliot works diligently to defeat it.

"Spoiler alert: I'm gonna win!" Via YouTube

“Spoiler alert: I’m gonna win!” Via taoufix /YouTube

It’s important to note that Elliot does not appear to be eating the box, and his owner confirms this in the video’s comments. Obviously ingesting cardboard could be dangerous. Anyone who notices their cat eating strange things should contact their vet right away, because this could be a condition called pica, which is the habitual eating of nonfood items.

But Elliot just seems to be working towards his goal of obliterating this box. And since he seems to do so by the end, it’s quite clear what he should get for Christmas.

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