Ellen DeGeneres To Launch Dog Food

The talk show host teams up with dog food maker Halo to expand product line.

Ellen DeGeneres is once again making headlines about dogs. But this time it’s for the announcement that she’s teaming up with Halo pet food company to market a new pet food. The company announced on Monday that the award-winning talk show host has become part-owner of Halo, and will help expand its line of natural pet foods.

“Everything about Halo is great. I’ve been using all of their products long before I decided to invest in the company,” DeGeneres said, “I attribute my shiny coat to their all-natural supplements.”

DeGeneres says she had been looking for a side business and this one just felt right.

“If you love your pets, you only want the very best for them, and this food is the highest quality,” DeGeneres said, “And if you forget to go to the grocery store, you can actually split a can with your dog. If you’re going with the lamb, I’d recommend a nice Pinot.”

The talk show host, who launched a firestorm of publicity last year over former rescue dog Iggy, says she has not tried the food.

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