ELive Ships 11 New Fish Foods for Freshwater and Saltwater Fish

The company's new line includes seven individual ingredients and four blended fish foods.

Written by
John Virata
Elive has introduced  a new line of frozen fish food for both fresh and saltwater fish. The line includes 11 foods that ship in re-sealable bags that have 30 single serve food cups that the company says makes feeding your fish easier and keeps your freezer free from any fishy smell. 

eLive Fish food
Elive fish food comes in individual serving packets.

The foods consist of 7 individual ingredients (mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, spirulina brine shrimp, blood worms, cyclops, baby brine shrimp and daphnia) and four blended foods, including Shrimp Blend (spirulina brine shrimp and mysis shrimp), Carnivore Blend (krill, squid and clam meat), Freshwater Blend (brine shrimp, blood worms and daphnia) and Reef Blend (spirulina brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, Cyclops and marine algae).

For more information, visit the Elive website at www.elivepet.com or via Facebook at www.facebook.com/elivepet

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