Either This Cat Loves Yoga Or Loves Messing With Yoga

Persian cat Graveskull is all up in her owner’s Teeki pants on the yoga mat.

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"Don't forget to breathe." Via Graveskull The Persian/Instagram

Cats plant themselves on or in front of us right while we’re in the middle of things. The are either a) totally oblivious to what we’re doing and simply want attention or b) DGAF and like messing with us. One or both could be the case with Graveskull. The Persian cat can’t keep her paws and entire hairy body off his owner while she does yoga, videos on the cat’s Instagram page show.


Paws on corrections Iz important! This is from a couple of days ago when I was teaching my human to work harder #yogacat

A video posted by Graveskull (@graveskullthepersian) on

Check out how she puts the “cat” in Cat Pose. (He also puts the “cat” in Cow Pose.)  


Cat/cow stretches (with extra cat) #yogacat #catcow #yogawithpets A video posted by Graveskull (@graveskullthepersian) on

And what Reverse Tabletop asana would be complete without a table setting full of fur?


Helping meowmie with her yoga. I still feel there is room for improvement ???? #yogacat #yogateacher #ardhapurvottanasana

A video posted by Graveskull (@graveskullthepersian) on

The yoga-with-cat routine might be working out. Graveskull’s owner seems very patient, and we hear that is a big benefit of yoga.

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