Einstein The African Grey Was On America’s Got Talent

Learn a little about this talented parrot who lives at the Knoxville Zoo.

Einstein the parrot and trainer Brittany Decker
Einstein the parrot with trainer, Brittany Decker, on America’s Got Talent.

It’s time to get out your DVRs, because an African grey was on America’s Got Talent!

That parrot was Einstein. She is a famous African grey from Knoxville, where she entertains and educates people of all ages at the Knoxville Zoo. According to the zoo:

“Einstein … was hatched in California in 1987. Knoxville Zoo obtained Einstein from a Californian couple in 1992. Since then she has been the star of Knoxville Zoo’s Bird Show and a popular “spokesbird” for the zoo.

African grey parrots are one of the smartest bird species and are also known as one of the best talking/mimicking species. Einstein is extremely intelligent, even for an African grey. She has an extensive verbal vocabulary and is able to mimic animals and other sounds. It is believed her vocabulary exceeds 200 words and sounds. Of that, about 80 are on cue.”

Einstein has been on television before: She was on Animal Planet’s “Pet Star” in August 2004. And she also made it to the Tonight Sow with Jay Leno. She’s even had her own TED talk. Not bad for the almost 30-year-old parrot.

No word yet if Einstein advanced to the next round along with her trainer Brittany Decker, but it looks like she made the judges laugh and smile. Check out a clip of it below:

Did you see Einstein live? Let us know how she did!

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