Eight Awesome Cat Blogs

Let's give credit where credit's due. These eight authors all write cat blogs to entertain or inform.

Judging from the online evidence, more cat lovers are blogging than ever before in history. You say you want some laughs, some news, some lesser-known details about our feline friends? Here are some of our favorite cat blogs.

1) Catfoodbreath This blogger, whose motto is “Furry. Feline. Fabulous.” is funny indeed. What with entries like: “Happy Halloween. Remember, cats and zombies don’t mix well.” And lots more like that. This comical blog will absolutely make your day. Read it here.

2) Catsparella Maybe you’re a bit more in cat tchotchkes. At Catsparella, you can find out how to buy cat-shaped cupcakes, Doodlecats (cat postcards) or a pair of cat-like earrings. You might even take away a few ideas on how to start your own cat-themed business. Contests, giveaways and more abound for a lot of fun. Read it here.

3) The Daily Kitten Each day they feature a different kitten. With names like “Skittles,” “Kevin Reginald H.W. Spalding Spacey III” and “Champ.” Great, strange expressions, are at a premium. Kittens sitting inside plastic pumpkins? What’s not to love? Read it here

4) Bloggingcat.com Follow the adventures of Myst, a big white fluffy cat. His owner writes: “Myst was chasing me. I ran and jumped into my super-strategic place — the middle of this cat stand … I waited him out. Eventually, he gave up and left. I won.” Kooky and a gas. Read it here

5) Under The Paw Sounds like a sequel to that Rolling Stones song, but really features the author’s love for black cats. Example: “Today is Black Cat Awareness Day — a celebration, instigated by Cat’s Protection.” In their honor, he posts several pix of  beautiful black cats on the counter, in boxes and other unique spots. Check out his advocacy and her beautiful black cats. Read it here.

6) My Himalayan Cat Goma Watch the adventures of Himalayan cat Goma as depicted in photographs and imagined dialogue. He deals with family members domestic shorthair cat Kuma and dog Syd all while staying stylish in a variety of products his owner, Sachie, finds for him and for her blog readers. Irresistible to any fluffy, grumpy cat fans. Read it here.

7) The CATalyst Our very own Steve Dale, CABC, takes hands to keyboard each week to deliver a cat news roundup and commentary. Sometimes incendiary, always insightful, Steve puts his years of syndicated pet columnist knowledge to work as he describes the depth of issues that surround cat care, cat advocacy and cat legislation. Read it here.

8) Cat Versus Human Join Yasmine Surovec as she blogs her spot-on cartoons that explore the cat-human bond. Brilliant cartoons show the difference between a “Cat Lady” and a “Crazy Cat Lady,” “Places Cats Sleep on But Shouldn’t” and how cats respond to emergencies. Her latest book binds several clever cartoons together for an excellent read. Read it here.

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