Edward Herrmann in Disney’s Treasure Buddies

Behind the scenes interview with Edward Herrmann co-star of Disney's newest film, Treasure Buddies.

In the new Disney movie Treasure Buddies the heroic puppies brave the deserts of ancient Egypt to prevent a precious artifact from falling into the hands of the evil Dr. Phillip Wellington. We had a chance to catch up with the actor behind Dr. Wellington, Emmy-Award winner Edward Herrmann.

Herrmann, an animal lover with five dogs, three cats, a horse, and a turtle, had a great time working with the pups and shared with us some of the challenges on the set.

“The puppies of course were so fun and adorable but sometimes they’re challenging to train because they just want to play,” he laughed. “Also they grow so quickly that you end up having to use two or three sets of dogs, and then you need to retrain them each time. The trainers definitely had their hands full.”

Most of Herrmann’s co-stars in the film are animals, besides the dogs, the movie features a hairless cat, camels, and a very clever monkey.

“I first met the monkey in the wardrobe department,” Herrmann says. “All of a sudden there was this monkey on my shoulder and the trainer signaled him and he just started bashing me on the head, but once I greeted him and comforted him like a fellow creature he stopped. The monkey was actually quite professional.”

This family oriented film is packed with adventure, cute animals, funny lines, and life lessons, and Herrmann explained why he is proud of the movie.

“I told my friends I wanted to be in a film I didn’t have to apologize for, it’s proper family fun and it pops along well,” he says. “It’s very simple and wholesome, and it encourages good values.  I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Herrmann and his wife Star have five dogs of their own: Beckett, a Golden Retriever/Tibetan Mastiff, Parker, a Jack Russell/ Boston Terrier, a Lhaso Apso named Hedley, and two Bijon Frises named Phoebe and DeDe.  

Treasure Buddies will be released Jan. 31, but you don’t have to wait to hang out and play with Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball, and Mudbud, head over to the Disney Go website for movie clips, info and interactive fun! Click here to see the trailer!

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