Editor’s Page: Terriers Galore and the AKC Group Honorees

Welcome to our October issue in which we salute the Terrier Group: a pack of fearless, devoted breeds and their equally determined owners.

Welcome to our October issue in which we salute the Terrier Group: a pack of fearless, devoted breeds and their equally determined owners. We’re delighted to have contributions from an international array of Terrier authorities to keep you informed and entertained.

Victor Malzoni of Sao Paolo, Brazil, is a breeder-exhibitor of global importance in our sport. Although he has owned and sponsored many top-winning dogs of different breeds, including ‘Silver Charm’ the German Wirehaired Pointer and ‘Lady Bug’ the Portuguese Water Dog, he will be the first one to tell you his heart belongs to Terriers. Victor is regularly seen at major dog shows in the US and abroad, but few fanciers have traveled to Brazil to visit his Hampton Court Kennels, so it is a great pleasure to have all-breed judge and Dandie Dinmont Terrier breeder Mike Macbeth from Canada take us on a tour in this issue (page 76). Hampton Court is a state-of-the-art facility, clearly designed with the well-being of his dogs uppermost in mind. Thank you, Victor and Mike, for the privilege of this visit.

An esteemed breeder-judge, Ken Kauffman, is featured in this issue. Ken shares his views on Cairn Terriers, explaining why the many looks that exist in the breed can make it a challenge to judge. Dog breeders in general want to maintain some freedom in interpreting a breed standard. That’s all well and good, but for the multi-Group judge who is less familiar with the nuances of breed type, straying too far on the path of interpretation can result in pointing to winners that resemble other breeds more than their own. “Cairn Terriers: A Breeder-Judge’s Perspective” begins on page 114.

On August 26, the Group Honorees were named for the 2015 American Kennel Club Breeder of the Year Award. As AKC President and CEO Dennis Sprung explained, “The individuals that make up these breeding programs have dedicated their lives to the advancement of the purebred dog, producing dogs that are true to their breeds in appearance, ability and temperament.” The Breeder of the Year will be announced December 13 in Orlando, Fla., at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. We congratulate the Group winners.

Sporting: Janet Bunce, Wochica Golden Retrievers

Hound: Jay T. Hafford and James P. Blanchard, Thaon Reg. Afghan Hounds

Working: Sylvia Hammarstrom, Skansen Giant Schnauzers

Terrier: Lydia Coleman Hutchinson, Wolfpit Cairn Terriers

Toy: Arlene A. Czech, Coquina Papillons

Non-Sporting: Kathie Vogel, Vogelflight Bichons Frisés

Herding: John Buddie, Tartanside Collie

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