Editor’s Page: A Bountiful Hound Issue

Welcome to our annual celebration of the Hound Group, representing breeds rich in history and diversity and supported by the fanciers who have dedicated their lives to them.

Welcome to our annual celebration of the Hound Group, representing breeds rich in history and diversity and supported by the fanciers who have dedicated their lives to them. Hound people are among the most passionate and articulate in the sport. Their commitment to the preservation of these breeds is heard loud and clear in this issue.

For our “Back to Basics” feature, we invited Ann Roth, AKC judge and longtime breeder of the famed Harnett Hounds, to present a comparison of the American Foxhound, English Foxhound and Harrier. Despite modest numbers, excellent representatives of the three breeds have enjoyed success at the highest level in the AKC all-breed ring. Currently the Top Hound in the nation is an American Foxhound. It’s tempting for the generalist to look at the Beagle at one end of the spectrum and the English Foxhound at the other, and conclude they are duplicates in everything but size. This, of course, is grossly inaccurate and does all the breeds an injustice. Ann writes with clarity and precision. Her presentation should be considered required reading for all judges and students of these three breeds.

Our “Grooming & Presentation Trends Over the Decades” is proving to be a stimulating and thought-provoking series. For the Hound installment, Carol Reisman weighs in with her observations, gleaned over decades of breeding and showing the Afghans of Kai, then judging the Hound Group all over the world. Carol is another articulate writer who never minces her words, so it’s a genuine pleasure to feature her views in this issue.

The Top Sire and Dam statistics are always eagerly anticipated. Here we have consistent producers that are adding to their legacy each year, and newer arrivals announcing their presence as parents of significance with promising champion offspring. We congratulate their breeders and owners on a successful 2012.

Also in this issue, the results of the recent World Dog Show held in Budapest. Ante Lucin has been our reporter on European dog events for many years now, and he has delivered another colorful feature for us this month.

The Bucks County and Trenton show weekend is one of the highlights of the year. It offers great venues, superior competition, knowledgeable show committees at the helm and enviable tradition. We asked Saluki breeder-exhibitor Lois-Ann Snyder to report on this year’s show and talk about the attraction these shows hold for her.

Diane Baker tackles a controversial subject in her “You Said It” essay. Dog people, for all our collective knowledge and experience, tend to be humble to the point of apologetic about our success. To call ourselves “professionals” seems almost a slur, observes Diane, and to derive a respectable income from dogs when we have devoted our lives to them is also discouraged. Read Diane’s article, and please share your views with us.

“Are Our Nationals Still Special?” That’s the question Gretchen Bernardi poses this month in her “How I See It” column. For many fanciers planning their annual pilgrimage to the parent club specialty is a top priority. In other breeds, this event appears to be much less eventful. Where do you stand on the subject?

In our March issue, a Great Dane was misidentified in a “Show Scene” photo. The winner of BIS at the Carroll County KC on January 18 was in fact GCh. GHDD Seamus Lord of the Dance. We regret the error.



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