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A Dose of Inspiration

If you are like me at all, you are desperate for inspiration. Even though I feel fortunate to have a job I love, I still need to be sparked by my muse from time to time.

I attended my fifth Cat Writers’ Association annual conference recently, and it was just the dose I needed. For the third year in a row, CAT FANCY received a Muse Medallion (the organization’s top award) in the National Magazine category and for the second year in a row, this column won a Muse in the Magazine Column category. I was encouraged by these and all the awards bestowed on other communicators who specialize in cat topics. Because we share a vision for cats, less emphasis was placed on individual recognition and more on what we as a community can accomplish to make the world a better place for felines.

**Get the February 2008 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article.**

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