Ecological Laboratories/Microbe-Lift Reef Salt Review

Ecological Laboratories/Microbe-Lift Reef Salt can be mixed for use in saltwater home aquariums.

Ecological Laboratories/Microbe-Lift has come out with a new reef salt mix that complements the many other products they manufacture for marine and freshwater uses.

Microbe-Lift Salt

The Claims
Microbe-Lift claims that their Reef Salt is nitrate- and phosphate-free, that it has all necessary trace elements and that it maintains pH and alkalinity.

The Tests
I set up a new 50-gallon marine reef tank using Microbe-Lift Reef Salt. I used a new undergravel filter that I was also testing, a good protein skimmer, marine substrate and an LED lighting system. Over several months, I added saltwater fish and corals so that the tank had a pretty
high bioload.

The Results
The new 50-gallon reef is the best marine tank I have ever set up, and I am sure a lot of that is due to the Microbe-Lift Reef Salt. There was never any nuisance algae bloom, and saltwater fish and corals are doing well. The pH has constantly measured in the 8.3 to 8.5 range. Alkalinity is within an acceptable range, and nitrates have peaked at around 20.

Microbe-Lift Reef Salt is an excellent product. It mixes quickly and evenly, with no lumps or residues. No phosphates or nitrates could be measured on the initial mixing for the tank, and the pH and alkalinity were maintained at appropriate levels. All of the corals are thriving and are growing, and the saltwater fish in the tank are happy and healthy. I strongly recommend Microbe-Lift Reef Salt.

Ecological Laboratories/Microbe-Lift
Reef Salt


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