Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift Biologically Alive Substrate

Substrate for planted aquarium tanks.

Microbe-Lift Biologically Alive Substrate for planted aquariums really makes a difference in the growth of aquarium plants.

Microbe Lift Substrate

The Claims
The company claims that the Biologically Alive Substrate for planted aquariums will help live plants grow better, and it will lead to a beautiful and lush planted tank.

The Test
I set up a new 29-gallon planted tank with the substrate, filling the tank halfway with water from an existing tank and half with new water. I used a fluorescent reflector with two 36-inch T5 HO lamps on for 10 hours a day. Plants included jungle val, dwarf Sagittaria, giant hygro, red hygro, water sprite, Cabomba, moneywort and a few crypts. Livestock included guppies, honey gouramis, large neons and algae-eating shrimp.

The Results
Within a couple of weeks, the plants became established and began growing strongly. By five to six weeks, some plant species that I usually have trouble with were thriving; most illustrative was the dwarf sag, which I tried specifically because I normally can’t grow it. With the Microbe-Lift Biologically Alive Substrate, the dwarf sag did very well, as did all of the other plants. There was never any nuisance algae in the tank.

The Microbe-Lift Biologically Alive Substrate is a terrific product for planted tanks. The dark color also helps to show off both plants and fish, and your plants will grow very well.

Ecological Laboratories
Microbe-Lift Biologically Alive Substrate


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