Eco-Straw Litter Is Back!

Oxbow Animal Health is again producing the popular litter that was discontinued indefinitely last year.

bags of Eco-Straw
Courtesy of Oxbow Animal Health 
Oxbow Animal Health is again manufacturing its popular, clumping wheat straw litter.

In the summer of 2014, SmallAnimalChannel reported that Eco-Straw litter had been discontinued indefinitely by Oxbow Animal Health after a fire at one of its manufacturing facilities interrupted production on several products. Eco-Straw was the one product for which the company was unable to find an alternate manufacturing source to produce it. The litter can be used with any pet, including rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs and others.

The comments on our article alone indicated that this was a popular product that was going to be missed.

Fast forward to this week when Oxbow Animal Health announced the return of Eco-Straw. The litter is made of 100 percent compressed wheat straw in pellet form. 

“We are pleased to announce the return of Eco-Straw,” said Melissa Ross, Oxbow’s Director of Marketing & Education, in a press release. “In recent weeks and months, we’ve heard from many devoted Eco-Straw customers expressing the void the product’s absence left in their pet’s daily routine and environment.”

Eco-Straw is biodegradable, compostable and flushable. Also, it has no added chemicals or fragrances and is safe if consumed. The manufacturer states that it traps up to 300 percent of its weight in moisture.

Comments on our article last year also indicate that Eco-Straw has excellent odor control.

“Please find an alternative to manufacture this great product,” wrote Robin from Loveland, Ohio. ” I don’t even know I have a bunny when this is used and her enclosure is in the TV room. This product is needed and our family and the bunny want it back please.”

The Oxbow website has more information about Eco-Straw.

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