Eco-Straw Litter Discontinued Indefinitely By Oxbow Animal Health

Due to unique circumstances, Oxbow Animal Health has announced that it will no longer produce Eco-Straw litter/bedding in the foreseeable future.

Oxbow Animal Health is a manufacturer of numerous products for small animal pets, including hay, Bene Terra organic food, Natural Science supplements and the recovery foods Carnivore Care and Critical Care.  Although company announcements usually involve new products or information on its programs or events, it has a different type of announcement now. Oxbow Animal Health officially announced that it is discontinuing its Eco-Straw litter indefinitely. The announcement comes weeks after a fire at one of its manufacturing facilities interrupted production on Eco-Straw and some other products. The company stated that it sought alternative manufacturing solutions, but was unsuccessful in the case of Eco-Straw, which was the company’s sole litter/bedding offering. Oxbow said it will notify customers if Eco-Straw becomes available again in the future.

In a previous announcement, the company noted that Eco-Straw was the only wheat-based, pelleted small animal litter on the market. It stated that some wheat-based cat litters are manufactured by other companies, but those should be used “at the pet parent’s choice and discretion.”

An important note is that no problem exists with the availability of any other Oxbow Animal Health products. All of its hay, food, treats, supplements, accessories and other items will be available in the future for small animal pets, including the following pets: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, hamsters, micegerbils and ferrets. If anyone has further questions, Oxbow can be reached via email or phone, 800-249-0366.

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