Easy-to-Make Cat Toys

Cat lover and CAT FANCY Consumer Marketing Manager Suzanne Stowe reveals how to make simple toys for your cat.

With a few scraps of fabric, some polyester fiberfill, yarn scraps and a little catnip, you can make cute cat toys that are sure to please the most finicky feline.  Here are the easy instructions to make Cat Puffs and Kitty Balls.

Cat Puffs

  1. Cut out two 3-by-3-inch squares of fabric.  I use cat-themed fabric left over from the cat pads I make.
  2. Cut out a 3-by-3 inch piece of fiberfill and place on the wrong side of one of the fabric squares.
  3. Sprinkle about one tablespoon of catnip in the middle of the fiberfill.
  4. Place the other fabric square wrong-side-down on the fiberfill.
  5. Sew all four sides about ¼ inch from the edge using a sewing machine.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, sew by hand using about ¼-inch stitches.
  6. Throw on the floor and watch your kitty toss it around and rub on it.

Kitty Balls

  1. Cut out one 6-by-6-inch square of fabric.
  2. Roll up some fiberfill with catnip and place in middle of square.
  3. Cut a foot-long piece of yarn or very thick thread.
  4. Gather up all sides of the fabric around the fiberfill and tie a double knot with the yarn or thread.  I like to loop the thread around at least twice so my kitties can’t remove it.
  5. Tie a bow in the yarn.
  6. Toss the ball toward your cat and watch the fun begin.

These toys make great gifts for your cat-loving friends and can also be donated to shelters to amuse the kitties looking for forever homes.  I’ve taken them to adoption events and placed them in the cages.  The toys help the kitties show off their wonderful personalities plus keep them from getting bored. 

I hope you and your kitties enjoy these easy-to-make toys.

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