Easy Bunny-Proofing

Keep your rabbit out of danger using these handy tips.

opening pages for article: Easy Bunny-ProofingThere’s no question about it, bunnies have a penchant for wiggling their way into our hearts given their floppy ears, fluffy tails and ultra-loving personalities. But due to their inquisitive nature, they also have quite the knack for wiggling their way into trouble; thus the reason bunny-proofing your living space is an absolute necessity once you’ve welcomed a rabbit into your world.

Cover Those Wires!
Reading may be a beloved pastime of human beings, but when it comes to bunnies, chewing everything from wires to cables and cords is a hobby they simply can’t get enough of. Due to risk of electrical shock, which could result in the injury or death of your fuzzy friend, not to mention the cost and time required for cord replacement, this is one of the biggest hazards for bunny — No. 1 on your list for bunny-proofing your home. Use plastic tubing to cover all exposed wires, cables or cords that your bunny may come in contact with; such tubing can be found in hardware stores in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. This simple trick will keep both your bunny and your essential household items safe from harm.

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