Easter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

The American Veterinary Medical Association reminds dog owners that Easter treats can pose threats to pets.

As families prepare to celebrate Easter — and Easter Bunny traditions — on Sunday, the American Veterinary Medical Association asks dog and cat owners to remember that Easter treats can harm their pets. In particular, chocolate, a favorite seasonal treat, can be poisonous to cats and dogs, the AVMA said.

Following Easter, veterinarians frequently see cats and dogs with what AVMA president Gregory S. Hammer called the “holiday blues.” “It’s an unfortunate side effect of many holidays, and it’s largely preventable,” he said. “People really need to know that many of the foods and candies that they enjoy so much over a holiday can make their pets very ill.”

Hammer also cautioned cat owners to keep their pets away from Easter lilies. The plants, if ingested, can irritate a cat’s digestive lining and may even cause renal failure, which can be deadly.

Pet owners also should resist the urge to share tidbits of the traditional Easter meal, Hammer said. “Don’t let your animals get into your Easter dinner,” he explained. “Rich meats are commonly served on Easter — many times pork — and these can be very unsettling … and can sometimes lead to pancreatitis.”

For more safety tips and pet health information, visit www.avma.org

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