Earthquake! And A Photo Shoot

With fall comes change, and I am going to have to move to a new home come the end of September. While I’m a little excited about moving ?I’m hoping my roommates and I  move to a house ?I, naturally, dread having to pack up all my things and move heavy furniture from one place to the next. This will be the third time I’ve moved in the past two years and frankly, I am quite ready to settle. I don’t want to have to move again for at least three years!

I’m not sure how my birds feel about moving. I’ll be stressed first and foremost, which means they’ll be stressed. Then they have to sit through the noise and commotion as we move everything out. And then they will be taken to a foreign place where they have to watch us move everything in. If my birds could talk, would they say, “Excuse me? Who said we wanted to move?”

I was more worried about them yesterday, however. As most major news sources reported, Southern California had an earthquake. It was nothing to me (I was in the ’89 earthquake in San Francisco. Now that was an earthquake!), but yesterday, we were doing a photo shoot with our interns and our subject matter was parrots. Surprisingly, the birds we were photographing had no obvious reaction to the earthquake. But Laura Doering’s nanday conure, Ollie, who was on a playstand, panicked and flew around her office. My lovebirds were in their travel cage in the same room as Ollie and I’m sure a scared flying bird frightened them as much as the ground moving!

It was an uneventful earthquake, however, and once the coast was clear, we went back to our photo shoot. I felt bad for my parrotlet, T.K., who was home all by himself yesterday. Not only did he have to go through an earthquake, my bookshelf broke, sending all my books to the floor. I imagine that was a spectacular crash! Poor T.K. probably had no idea what was going on, and he didn’t even have the lovebirds to talk to about it. When I got home, he seemed OK, though, but was quiet most of the evening. I don’t blame him in the slightest.

All in all, it was an odd day. I did get to spend some time with Woody, however. He’s been acting strangely toward Melissa Kauffman lately, as I am sure she’ll talk about in her blog. But I think getting out of the house and spending time being a ham for the camera was a nice little change. And we got some great shots of him and a lot of other birds, which you might see in an upcoming issue of BIRD TALK!

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